Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stan Solbeck - Class of 1960

My family moved to Gualala in 1950. My dad and his partner built a mill about a mile north of Gualala and were in the lumber business for several years. During my high school years, I worked summers in a couple of the local mills. My mother maintained a residence in Gualala until 1974. After graduating from Point Arena High School, I attended Cal Poly and obtained a BS degree in Mathematics. I kept up my interest in music as a member of the men’s glee club for two years. After graduating from Cal Poly in 1964, I went to Colorado University on a teaching assistantship working in the computer lab. While at CU I was a member of the water polo team. I spent a year at CU before entering the job market. I took a job at Vandenberg Air Force Base doing computer work related to long-range missile tracking. A year later, I left and went to work at Lawrence Livermore National Lab. During my career at the Lab, I worked as systems software programmer. I semi-retired in 2002 but still work at the Lab two days a week.

I met my wife Angie at the Lab; we were married in 1969. We have two children. Our daughter is 40. She was married two years ago and has identical twins that are a year old. She is married to a doctor and works part-time out of her home. Our son is 38 and has been married five years. He and his wife have a daughter one and a half years old. He works in the computer field as a system administrator. We waited a long time for grandchildren but were blessed with three last year.

Angie and I maintain a residence in Livermore Ca. She volunteers at the Livermore Park and Recreation District doing secretarial work. We are both active. I play racquetball several times a week and we both walk a couple of times a week. Angie spends her spare time gardening and works on projects at home. We travel occasionally but really are more home bodies rather than travelers.

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