Sunday, August 22, 2010

Juanita Martinez - Class of 1954

Thank you for the invitation to the class reunion. I'm so sorry that I will not be able to attend as my husband is not in good health. I really enjoyed reading the fun you had fishing. I too use to go to Alder Creek and we did move a lot, as my father was a farmer and he farmed English peas in Manchester, California. Manchester is where my brother and I started first grade. We moved and we went to Elk, California. I was the oldest of 10 children...

But eventually we moved back and I did graduate from Point Arena High School in 1954. You did mention the old High School that you all moved into. I don't remember the old High School. I live on the Fitch ranch off Crispin Lane. Then we lived in a house on the road that went to the light house. My Father had donated some money to the school. They dedicated the Annual to him either in 1942 or 1943. I had asked someone if they could find it and make me a copy of the write up on him they said that they would but never heard from them. I don't know where they stored the Annual.

I really loved Point Arena. My good friends are Dorothy and Gary Craig. I talk to Dorothy every once in a great while. When I graduated I went to San Francisco and I was going to become a dental nurse so I got a job and met some friends and was having some fun in my life as I always had to take care of my little brothers and sisters and cook, and had other chores to do also. It was tough getting my home work done when I was in School. But I made it. I should have gone to college. Ha-ha.Well Mike I don't want to bore you with my life history...(You're not, Juanita. I'd like to hear more, and wish you could make our reunion - Mike)

But to make a long story short I married and move to Texas as I thought there were Cowboys here but they were in west Texas - boy was I wrong, ha-ha. I did have 3 wonderful children, two girls and a son in between them. I did go to work and I worked a few places, then I went to work for Collins Radio Electronics. Worked 8 years, then four years later I went to work for Texas instrument. I worked for TI for 191/2 years and then they offered a retirement package and locked our medical in for life. Gave us all our money in our 401K and stock. So it was a big decision to make to make. I was 56 then so then I went to work for a couple of other companies. At one of the companies I worked for several of us decided to start running in the 5k and I won 17 times in my age group. We did have a lot of fun. Well I guess I better sign off for now. Hope the class reunion goes well .Sorry we have to miss. Have a great week. Keep in touch Mike.


Juanita and Don Freiley

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