Sunday, August 22, 2010

Judy (Swift) Cecil - Class of 1961

Judy, Class of 1961, Gary and Linda, Class of 1963

Howdy from Texas……

I have just retired,after 30 years,from my dream job…a high school secretary/bookkeeper. I certainly was taught and trained well by Ms. Hood. I might still be working but one day, a week before the first day of school for the students, the school was flooded and destroyed. We had a tropical depression, it rained 10” in 4 hours. Due to some new construction the water rushed into the lower level of the school. The principal, vice principal, and I were working in the second floor offices and had to get out. My truck was nearly washed away, a friend struggled through knee-high water to rescue it. Our beautiful high school was condemned and closed due to damage and mold. All employees and students were sent to a new location for the school year…. that was fun. I worked that year and made my 30 years so I decided to retire. I always said, since I liked the job so well, it would take an act of God to get me to retire….well it did!

Since retirement my husband and I bought a 5th wheel trailer and we have been using it. Last fall we took a month long trip to San Diego then up to Napa. In May we met friends in Albuquerque. In June we, our children, in their trailers, spend the month at a nearby lake. In July we met my sister, Linda and husband in Apache Junction, Arizona. In August we made a trip to the coast. Last week we planted our fall garden, it’ll be warm here until after Thanksgiving.

I worked at Lawrence Lab for a few years after graduation until a sailor came along, he was going to ET school at Treasure Island. When he got orders to Norfolk, Virginia I married him and went with him. When his duty was finished we came here, he’s a Texan. He worked, and retired from Kelly AFB.

We have two children, our daughter, Kim works for a law firm, her husband works for KLN Steel, our son, Bobby works for Wells Fargo, his wife works in a CPA office, our granddaughter, Amber is in college, she
will be a teacher in 2 years.

Our little family members consist of two dogs, two cats, and an Amazon parrot.

Sorry I can’t attend the reunion, it would be nice to see everyone.

Those of us who were in the HMS Pinafore could entertain y’all by singing the chorus:

”So do her sisters, and her cousins and her aunts

And so do……”

(In a later email, Judy added)

The HMS Pinafore was fun. Mr. Russell was a natural for that part and such a good sport. My granddaughter's college, University of Texas @ San Antonio is doing it this fall. She is auditioning for a part. She is learning opera right now, she has a beautiful voice. Last year they did "Pirates of Penzance", it was good.

I talked to Sonny (Virgil) yesterday, he is fine, retired... I sent him the letter you sent me about the reunion. He told me he'll think about going, he may show up.

I talked to Linda, she said she may go. Will call Gary later this afternoon, he lives in Seattle, Wa., he just retired.

Hope you have a good time at the reunion. Maybe I can make it next time, it's a pretty long trip. Would love to take the drive up Hwy. 1 again.

The Gulf of Mexico just isn't quite as pretty as that beautiful blue Pacific Ocean.

I remember skating up and down that looong hill downtown, working at the shop across from the movie theater (Titus' Sweet Shop), making cherry cokes, milk shakes, lemon cokes, sandwiches.

Take care, this is bringing back LOTS of memories.
**Would love to hear from you:

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