Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rodney Ferguson - Class of 1960

First Grade in Point Arena. All so many years ago, riding the school bus for the first time, meeting new friends, these memories will last for a lifetime. Who would have guessed that in fifty years we would be reuniting together and sharing times where we all have gone and what we have accomplished?

I thank all the wonderful teachers that have touched our lives and prepared us towards our ultimate future. I thank each and everyone for the fine hard work and dedication that they devoted their lives towards making us who we are today.

After high school, I followed the life style that brought my folks to Gualala, working in the saw mill. Two years of hard work in the saw mill, I had enough of that and moved to Santa Clara and became a carpenter. Worked hard every day and attended school at night. I felt this was a carreer I would enjoy. But like all good things that come, there will be a turn in the road in the near future. Sure enough Uncle Sam invites me to join his fine family. Boot Camp, Midway Island and Viet Nam. I learned a lot in the Navy Sea Bee’s, respect, hard work and saving money. These rules will always provide for you in the future.

In 1970 I married my bride Judy O’Ferrall and moved to Santa Rosa, where we live today. I worked for Victor California during the day and attended Santa Rosa Junior College at night and earned my AA degree. We have made 3 moves in Santa Rosa and raised 2 great children. Michelle is the oldest and has blessed us with beautiful twin granddaughters. Scott our son, has trumped this and provided us with 1 beautiful granddaughter [older] and beautiful twin granddaughters. Two sets of twin girls, can you believe that?

I have spent 12 years in the welding industry. Learning different phases of welding and different types of welding. Learning inside sales, outside sales, how a business should run and how profits are made. Another 20 years working for myself. I have owned several successful businesses during this time. I still put in 40 hours weekly and some day plan to retire, but not for now.

Judy and I would like to start traveling in a couple of years. We have a 1964 Corvette with less than 80,000 miles and a 1937 Ford 2dr hump back sedan. Future plans, to travel the States and relax on Cruise Ships.

Education: SRJC, [was on the honors list], Hobart Welding, Lincoln Welding, Miller Welding, Victor Equipment, Real Estate Appraisal and Stock Investment.

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