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Class of 1960, Fiftieth Year Reunion

Help the Class of 1960 celebrate its 50th reunion in style!

Since there were only 27 in our class – we were the biggest class graduated up to that time, however – we would like to fill up the Gualala Community Center by inviting everyone from the Class of 1964 and earlier to celebrate with us.

The date will be Saturday, September 18, 2010.

Time: 4 PM until probably 11 – we’re not as young as we used to be, although we think we are.

Click on the cartoon for a much larger image.

Beginning at 4 there will be munchies and drinks, and a couple of hours to meet and greet, chat, and reminisce.

We’ll dine at 6 – dinner catered by Leslie Bates, who has done a great job for the Gualala Lions and others over the years. Cost will be $35 per person – mail checks to me: Mike Combs, P O Box 1639, Gualala, CA 95445. For more information call me: 707-884-3741, or better yet, email me:

Our no-host bar will be provided by the Point Arena Knights of Columbus.

We’ll have a DJ and dance to the music of the 50′s, but that will come about an hour after we finish dinner. The primary thing we want is lots of socializing – telling tall tales and life histories (often one and the same).

More details and features will be added on this blog as developments warrant. I have been posting biographies as they come in. To view all the biographies, just click on the label "Biographies" at the upper right side.

Lodging (click on the red high-lighted and underlined hotel and motel names below to get rates, availability, and to make a reservation):


Gualala Country Inn Very nice and only about a hundred feet from our reunion.

Breakers Inn A very short walk to our reunion

Surf Motel Downtown Gualala, just a short walk

Sea Cliff Uptown Gualala, still only a short walk to our reunion

St Orres Only the best inn and restaurant on the coast, about two miles north of Gualala on Highway 1 (The King of Jordan dropped in on his Harley for lunch last year!)

Whale Watch Inn Five miles north of Gualala, just past Anchor Bay overlooking the beach.

Mar Vista Cottages A coast classic, five miles north of Gualala, just past Anchor Bay

North Coast Country Inn Five miles north of Gualala just past Anchor Bay, at the corner of Highway 1 and Fish Rock Road

Point Arena Seashell Inn In downtown Point Arena

Coast Guard House Inn At Arena Cove

Wharfmasters Inn At Arena Cove

Point Arena Lighthouse About 16 miles north, but well worth the drive!

VACATION HOMES (Very roomy and inexpensive for families and sharing with friends – Gualala and The Sea Ranch)

Serenisea Properties are primarily in the Gualala/Anchor Bay area

Coasting Home Gualala and The Sea Ranch

Vacation Rentals by Owner Great locations and prices

Sea Ranch Rentals Needs no explanation


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Attendance List

Class of 1960 Reunion

Darrell Christainsen 1950
Ed and Alice (Parks) Garrett 1951, Teacher 1959-1965/1960
Vern and Rosa McNamee 1951
Gary and Marie Ohleyer 1951
Joan Stornetta and Virginia Pippin (Tock) 1951/53
Joey Duff (Combs) 1952
Jack and Ellie O'Connor 1952
Peggy Sundstrom (Remstedt) 1953
Janet Robinson (Craig) 1953
Lawrence Girelli 1954
Sharon Anderson (Ohleyer) 1954
Dennis and Sue Craig 1954
Claire Farnsworth 1955
Betty (Snider) Woodward 1955
Judith (Parnett) and Don Kilgore 1956
Carol (Ohleyer) and Dean Green 1956
Charles Cabassi 1956
Gene and Judy Price 1957
Walter "Dale" and Audrey Mason 1957
Barbara Tanis (Craig) 1957
Cherly (Acquistapace) Dennison and Shannon 1957
Carolyn Newkirk and sister Elise Huff (Yeaman) 1957
Marcy (Carver) Cook 1958
Betty (Cook) and Ray Buchanan 1958
Carolyn (York) and Charley Biles 1958
Joan (Iversen) and George Robinson 1958
Gary and Jerrie (Ledford) Nissen 1958 (both)
Janet (Black) and Paul Konstantinow 1958
Barbara Opperman (Duncan) with two guests 1959
Chuck and Mickie York 1959
Jim Walker 1959
James Spurgeon 1960
Michael and Alice Combs 1960
Sam Oglesby 1960
Stanley and Angela Solbeck 1960
Rod and Judy (O'Farrall) Ferguson 1960/1967
Junella (Kenower) Barnes 1960
Ron and Kathy Combs 1961
Donald and Yvonette Ellingson 1961
Ron and Debra Matteoli 1961
Karen (Stornetta) and Tom Shurtz 1961
Phil and Michelle Reynolds 1961
Ruby (Cook) Davis and Pat Cook 1962
Beverley Ferretti (Behrens) 1962
Roger and Judy Seymour 1962
Marvin and Elsie Brodjeski 1962
Dale and Bev Withrow 1962
Lana Withrow 1962
Bobbie (Kenower) Jones 1962
Ron and Dana (Ledford) Galleti 1963 (both)
Leighton and Alice (Seymour) Nelson 1963/1965
Luann (Withrow) Bigham 1964
Richard and Cathy (Compton) Scaramella 1964 (both)
Rick Huls 1964
Paul and Cathy Stibi 1964
Margarette Biaggi Teacher

Randi Olsen and Clarice Sorensen left Point Arena after graduation from high school in 1960.  Clarice went to San Mateo Community College and then worked for Crocker National Bank in San Mateo, CA.  Randi joined the US Army and after basic and advanced training at Fort Ord, CA he was sent to Germany where he was a special weapons specialist. 

Clarice and Randi were married in Point Arena in 1962. After their wedding Randi returned to Germany where Clarice joined him a few months later.  This is where their dream of traveling together throughout the world began coming together. 

After Randi completed his service they returned to the US where Randi worked for Pacific Telephone and AT&T.  He retired from Pacific Telephone as the Director of Engineering Technology for California and Nevada in 1986.  For the most part Clarice was a stay-at-home mother of two children, Chris and Brian.  Chris (age 47) now calls Australia home, and he and his wife, Lisa, have three children.  Brian (age 43) lives in Oklahoma where he and his wife, Becky, have four children.  Clarice and Randi will both tell you that their greatest accomplishment in life has been getting both of the boys through their respective universities and on their own without student loans to pay back.

Randi with help from Clarice formed an international consulting business after retiring from the Bell System. They have worked in, traveled to or lived in 56 foreign countries.  This “need to travel” continues today, and they plan to travel to this reunion in their RV from Florida where their permanent home is located. 

When Randi and Clarice returned to the US they moved on to their 38’ sailboat, Credence, and spent 8 years sailing around the US.  They also purchased a small ocean rescue business in Florida and managed that for 8 years.  Randi and Clarice spent five of those years working as volunteers at a boys’ home in Florida and received national recognition for the work they did with troubled youth.  Clarice is an accomplished genealogist and has researched family records going back to the 1600’s.

Last year they spent three months traveling in Canada, Alaska and across the US.  The plans they have for the coming years are to continue traveling as long as God will give them the ability to do so.  They have been married 53 years and are looking forward to many more years together.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Karen (Stornetta) Shurtz – Class of 1961

Left Point Arena the day after high school graduation in 1961 and moved to San Francisco. Went to vocational school and received a certificate in dental nursing.

Moved back to Point Arena and had several jobs. Met my husband in 1970 and got married in 1971. We have 3 girls and 5 grandchildren

He was in the Air Force and we moved to the Los Angeles area in 1974. We went to Virginia from 1976 to 1978. We returned to California in 1978 and were stationed in Sacramento at Mather AFB.

My husband retired from active duty in 1982 and we stayed in Rancho Cordova. I went back to school and got a certificate in early childhood education (ECE). I worked in ECE for many years as we toured the USA.

We moved to Albuquerque New Mexico in 1997 where we both worked at Kirtland AFB. 1999 brought us back to California and Yuba City, when my husband got a job at Beale AFB. I went to work for Sam’s Club and Tom worked at Beale until he retired in 2006. I worked for Sam’s until 2008. We have our home and plan to stay in Yuba City.

We recently went on a Mexican cruise for his 50 year class reunion in Long Beach Ca, loved it! That hooked us on more cruises.

I’m glad we are having this reunion and am looking forward to seeing everyone.

You can contact me at:

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sandi (Petersen) Langley - Class of 1961

Well, I certainly hope we're all able to attend in five years. I hated missing this reunion, but I was incapacitated by a complicated knee surgery and then trying to die, but all is well now. 
I once told a friend that I had never lived anywhere that wasn't scenic. The Mendocino Coast, Persian Gulf, Sonoma County, the San Benito Mountains and the last 38 years here in the Owens Valley. 
Chris and I met in the Peace Corps, during training in Austin, Texas, then, after two years in Iran, we came home and got married. We moved to New Idria, a mining camp in San Benito County, with our son Matt, and lived there for three years, teaching. From there, we moved here to Lone Pine, where Simon was born. We retired from teaching in 2001 and will probably live here forever, since Chris is very involved with the Lone Pine Film Festival, The Beverly and Jim Rogers Museum of Lone Pine Film History; he is the Executive Director, being the Film Commissioner of Inyo County, serving on the County School Board, and working with the Annenberg Foundation on projects. What do I do? Mostly follow him around and read. 
Our son, Matt, is a teacher in Santa Rosa and is also "the voice of the Santa Rosa Panthers," announcing their football and basketball games and also playoff games. He and his wife, Juli, live in Sebastopol with their three daughters. Juli has a preschool.
Our son Simon and his wife, Wendy, live in Chico where he is service manager for Boradori Auto Repair and a musician.
Life is good and I look forward to seeing everyone at the next reunion.
Sandy (Petersen) Langley 
If you feel like sending an email, I can be reached at

Gloria (Klug) Sparks - Class of 1960

I’ve been through a lot this year health wise. I have congestive heart failure. I have diabetes but under control. No shots. Just watch what I eat. I lost 70 pounds. Had a tooth pulled. Went off my (medicine) a few days. It finally stopped bleeding.

Other than that I’m fine.

My husband Allen and I have been married 40 years.

My sister is my closest friend, Debbie. She’s been fighting cancer for years. Still is. A tumor they can’t operate on.

My youngest brother lives about one mile from me. Took care of my Mom for years and she passed away. I think she’s been gone four years now. I lost my Dad 20 years ago.

Just have a cat. Couldn’t have children, lost them all, but we’re happy anyway. I have nephews.

I like to shop, have tons of (necklaces). I like them different. Love pusses. Shop at TJ Max.

I don’t use the Internet.

Sorry about my writing. I do think of all of my friends from school. Miss you all.


We'll miss you too, Gloria. Gloria's husband Allen phoned me the sad news that Gloria lost her battle with illness. 

Carol (Piper) Canevari - Class of 1960

I probably will not be attending the reunion as I have been slammed with some health issues that has left me with little interest in traveling now. Acute pericarditis and pneumonia.

Really hope everyone has a great time.

As for my biography, all I have to say is that my husband of 49 and a half years and I live on our ranch near Dairy, Oregon. We have 2 children, Jon and Theresa.

Carole Canevari

Sam Oglesby - Class of 1960

Fellow Pirates,

Wow, 50 years!

I moved to Point Arena, along with the rest of my family in September 1954 ready to start the 7th grade. There were previous stops (reverse chronological order), 6th grade, Bayside, CA, 5th grade, Yokohama, Japan, 4th grade split between Okinawa and Eureka. 3rd grade in Indiana, 2nd, Marysville and 1st, Willows (where I was born). My 5 years in Point Arena qualifies it as my hometown, this is where I grew up.

I left PA after one week as a member of the Senior Class and moved to Cambria where I moved from 3rd string center to 1st string Quarterback when the starter broke his arm. I also played varsity Basketball on what may have been the worst team in the history of High School basketball-but we did win a game.

At Pomona College, I played Freshman Football and Wrestled for 3 seasons. I participated briefly in student government watched television, forgot to study and met my future wife, Jane. After graduation I attended Sacramento State College for 3 semesters and then joined the Army to avoid the draft.

After Basic and Advanced training I attended Artillery OCS spending 20 of 26 weeks on restriction, but I did graduate. The Army decided, probably because of my good attitude that I should jump out of airplanes. Fortunately, with the help of gravity, I made it to the ground each of my 9 jumps. From Jump School I went to the 6th Special Forces Group at Fort Bragg, NC. Trained for a while got married to Jane and then went to Viet Nam and ran an artillery fire direction center for a year. Luck was on my side and I got to come home without a purple heart.

Starting in 1968 I attended 2 more years of graduate school and then on to 4 years of Dental School in San Francisco. I was honored to serve as Class President and Student Body President as well as being elected by the faculty to the National Dental Honor Society.

I practiced General Dentistry in Sebastopol for 4 years and then attended an Endodontic (root canal) Residency Program at USC for 2 years. (At this point, 1980, Jane figured out that I had only worked for 4 of the last 20 years-she didn’t count Army time. Not bad until I realized that classmates who had gone into the military after high school were now ready to retire, I was just ready to start working.)

So I had a clinical practice for 20 years in Orange County, then taught full time at USC for 7 years. During that time I was President of the Southern California Association of Endodontists, of the California State Association of Endodontists, and of the Faculty Assembly of the USC Dental School. I also served 3 years on the Board of Directors of the American Association of Endodontists.

Somewhere in all of this I ran some marathons and ultramarathons, did some target shooting, read a book a week (mostly mysteries), and try to get within 10 pounds of my high school weight. I made it to the top of Mt. Whitney (on the 4th or 5th try). I spend time with my 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren as well with Jane, my wife of now 43 years. My military experience was reactivated in 2001 and I currently serve in the California State Military Reserve as a Colonel.

OK, almost time to retire. So I retired from USC (still a part time Clinical Professor of Endodontics), and took a job, in 2008, as a Supervising Dentist with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Currently I am working in Ione, CA.

I remember fondly my friends and my time at Point Arena Union High School. It was a great place, and the 1950s were a great time to grow up.


Rodney Ferguson - Class of 1960

First Grade in Point Arena. All so many years ago, riding the school bus for the first time, meeting new friends, these memories will last for a lifetime. Who would have guessed that in fifty years we would be reuniting together and sharing times where we all have gone and what we have accomplished?

I thank all the wonderful teachers that have touched our lives and prepared us towards our ultimate future. I thank each and everyone for the fine hard work and dedication that they devoted their lives towards making us who we are today.

After high school, I followed the life style that brought my folks to Gualala, working in the saw mill. Two years of hard work in the saw mill, I had enough of that and moved to Santa Clara and became a carpenter. Worked hard every day and attended school at night. I felt this was a carreer I would enjoy. But like all good things that come, there will be a turn in the road in the near future. Sure enough Uncle Sam invites me to join his fine family. Boot Camp, Midway Island and Viet Nam. I learned a lot in the Navy Sea Bee’s, respect, hard work and saving money. These rules will always provide for you in the future.

In 1970 I married my bride Judy O’Ferrall and moved to Santa Rosa, where we live today. I worked for Victor California during the day and attended Santa Rosa Junior College at night and earned my AA degree. We have made 3 moves in Santa Rosa and raised 2 great children. Michelle is the oldest and has blessed us with beautiful twin granddaughters. Scott our son, has trumped this and provided us with 1 beautiful granddaughter [older] and beautiful twin granddaughters. Two sets of twin girls, can you believe that?

I have spent 12 years in the welding industry. Learning different phases of welding and different types of welding. Learning inside sales, outside sales, how a business should run and how profits are made. Another 20 years working for myself. I have owned several successful businesses during this time. I still put in 40 hours weekly and some day plan to retire, but not for now.

Judy and I would like to start traveling in a couple of years. We have a 1964 Corvette with less than 80,000 miles and a 1937 Ford 2dr hump back sedan. Future plans, to travel the States and relax on Cruise Ships.

Education: SRJC, [was on the honors list], Hobart Welding, Lincoln Welding, Miller Welding, Victor Equipment, Real Estate Appraisal and Stock Investment.

Judy (Swift) Cecil - Class of 1961

Judy, Class of 1961, Gary and Linda, Class of 1963

Howdy from Texas……

I have just retired,after 30 years,from my dream job…a high school secretary/bookkeeper. I certainly was taught and trained well by Ms. Hood. I might still be working but one day, a week before the first day of school for the students, the school was flooded and destroyed. We had a tropical depression, it rained 10” in 4 hours. Due to some new construction the water rushed into the lower level of the school. The principal, vice principal, and I were working in the second floor offices and had to get out. My truck was nearly washed away, a friend struggled through knee-high water to rescue it. Our beautiful high school was condemned and closed due to damage and mold. All employees and students were sent to a new location for the school year…. that was fun. I worked that year and made my 30 years so I decided to retire. I always said, since I liked the job so well, it would take an act of God to get me to retire….well it did!

Since retirement my husband and I bought a 5th wheel trailer and we have been using it. Last fall we took a month long trip to San Diego then up to Napa. In May we met friends in Albuquerque. In June we, our children, in their trailers, spend the month at a nearby lake. In July we met my sister, Linda and husband in Apache Junction, Arizona. In August we made a trip to the coast. Last week we planted our fall garden, it’ll be warm here until after Thanksgiving.

I worked at Lawrence Lab for a few years after graduation until a sailor came along, he was going to ET school at Treasure Island. When he got orders to Norfolk, Virginia I married him and went with him. When his duty was finished we came here, he’s a Texan. He worked, and retired from Kelly AFB.

We have two children, our daughter, Kim works for a law firm, her husband works for KLN Steel, our son, Bobby works for Wells Fargo, his wife works in a CPA office, our granddaughter, Amber is in college, she
will be a teacher in 2 years.

Our little family members consist of two dogs, two cats, and an Amazon parrot.

Sorry I can’t attend the reunion, it would be nice to see everyone.

Those of us who were in the HMS Pinafore could entertain y’all by singing the chorus:

”So do her sisters, and her cousins and her aunts

And so do……”

(In a later email, Judy added)

The HMS Pinafore was fun. Mr. Russell was a natural for that part and such a good sport. My granddaughter's college, University of Texas @ San Antonio is doing it this fall. She is auditioning for a part. She is learning opera right now, she has a beautiful voice. Last year they did "Pirates of Penzance", it was good.

I talked to Sonny (Virgil) yesterday, he is fine, retired... I sent him the letter you sent me about the reunion. He told me he'll think about going, he may show up.

I talked to Linda, she said she may go. Will call Gary later this afternoon, he lives in Seattle, Wa., he just retired.

Hope you have a good time at the reunion. Maybe I can make it next time, it's a pretty long trip. Would love to take the drive up Hwy. 1 again.

The Gulf of Mexico just isn't quite as pretty as that beautiful blue Pacific Ocean.

I remember skating up and down that looong hill downtown, working at the shop across from the movie theater (Titus' Sweet Shop), making cherry cokes, milk shakes, lemon cokes, sandwiches.

Take care, this is bringing back LOTS of memories.
**Would love to hear from you:

Ron and Dana (Ledford) Galletti - Class of 1963

Dana and I have been married for 45 years!! We have two children and five grandchildren. Our son Warren and his family live in Gualala. He is married to Krisie (Swartz) and they have three beautiful girls. Franchesca is a sophmore, Vanessa is in the 8th grade and Natalie is a 1st grader. Warren is the Principle and Head Basketball Coach at Pt. Arena High School and Krisie has her own Nail Business.

Our daughter and her family live in Georgetown (Sierra Foothills). She is married to Hank White and they have two wonderful boy's. Nick is in the 7th grade and Casey is a 5th grader. Paige is a school counselor and Hank is the head of the Water District.

I am retired from the Telephone Co. (Pacific Telephone, AT&T, Lucent Tecnologies and Avaya). I worked 38 plus years and now work for a local winery doing all of the Lab. work. I have a nice retirement , however I lost all of my 401K during the dotcom era!! Dana is retired from the Ukiah Unified School District where she worked for 21 plus years. We reside on 4 acres in Redwood Valley, enjoy traveling and enjoy being with family and friends!!

Gary Nissen - Class of 1958

Matt Piper and Gary Nissen, 1958 - How about the haircuts?

Two weeks after graduation, on 1 July 1958 Gordon Crispin & I deplaned in San Antonio, TX, USAF Airman Basics. I was on the way to becoming an Air Policeman and seeing the world. Four weeks later I was sent to aircraft nav-aids/radar repair tech school in Biloxi, MS, obviously because of my vast electronic technical background milking cows, driving tractor, changing irrigation pipe and other related skills. January 1959 found me at March AFB until discharged 30 June 1962 although I did get a 2 week assignment to Hawaii and 3 months in ID. (So much for seeing the world.) After leaving the USAF I worked 2 years for a major aeronautical firm but did not like being in a big concrete building with no windows.

In SoCal for 40+ years I raised a family, did Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, the Beach scene, and all the other stuff you read about. I have not been without a motorcycle since 1959, riding desert, mountain & street; traveling through many states, and visiting a couple hospitals. We currently own a Kawasaki Nomad & Honda Gold Wing Trike.

At 2200 hours on 1 May 1964 I reported for my first shift at Riverside PD; new blue uniform, badge, loaded six-gun, and not a clue. No academy until you worked for about a year and proven you could do the job. My TO, a former Marine, yelled at me for 2 months straight, and after 3 months cleared me to work solo.

I retired from RPD 15 July 1994 as a Lt. I promoted up through the ranks, worked and supervised in every division. I was a member of The Royal Order of the Boot for nearly 5 years as an officer & Sgt. Motors & Investigations were the most fun although certain assignments gave me the opportunity to “sort of” learn to fly helicopters and play with a lot of really expensive equipment. There were good times & bad times. I was fortunate in that I retired out in relative good health with only a few minor injuries that haunt me as I grow older.

I obtained a PI license, did some defense work, eventually specializing in police employment backgrounds and internal investigations for several departments until December 2002 when I moved to Willits. I have Substitute and Part Time Adult Subjects teaching credentials; worked in various elementary schools and at Willits & Ukiah high schools. For the past 6 years I have worked for the Adult School & Mendocino County in the Jail Education Program.

I pretty much stayed away from Point Arena for nearly 40 years although I had been coming to a friend’s ranch in Hopland every year since 1968; something no one knew. I returned to the Acquistapace homestead about 1995 and had the good fortune to be able repay in part, my uncle and his family for raising me through high school and teaching me skills that got me by quite well all my life.

I attended the 1999 PAHS reunion and accepted the fact there were some unresolved issues needing attention. Jeri & I were married 12 August 2002.

Marilynn Marie (Miller) Combs - Class of 1962 - A Remembrance

Graduation, 1962

Marilynn died twenty-two years ago after ten years of breast cancer. She was only 43. I wish she could have told her story – maybe somewhere, someday I’ll come across a long letter or story she wrote about herself. After a twenty-five year marriage, we collected a lot of things that I’m still sorting through. I know she would have described her life very differently than I do. When I tell her story, I can tell you when, and what, and where, but I can’t tell you how or why.

Marilynn was her parents’ first of five children, born in Colorado in 1944 while her father was stationed with the Army in England. He didn’t see her until she was over a year old. I guess that’s a family tradition. I didn’t meet our first born, Bruce, until he was three months old because I was stationed in Texas with the Air Force when he was born in California. Marilynn was only 19 when she gave birth to the first of our three sons – still a child one day, the next day a child of her own. We grew up fast in those days. We thought we had to.

Marilynn was a happy girl, but serious and hard working too. Her mother didn’t care for housework. She liked working outdoors, so Marilynn became the little mother to her younger siblings, two girls and two boys. She was a good, conscientious student, and was very loyal and attentive to her small group of friends. Her favorite activity as a teenager was Jobs Daughters. She loved the interaction with the other girls, and became a proud Honored Queen.

Of the many funny and humorous things I remember about Marilynn as a young girl: one evening before a Jobs Daughters meeting she and the other members were playing around. Marilynn puffed out her robe over her tummy and sang, “I should have danced all night.”

After graduation in 1962, her family moved to Vallejo. A few months later we were married in Reno – Tom Vincent and Gary McMillen were there at a trap shoot, so we got them to be our best man and bride’s maid – I still don’t know which was which.
At the Miller's, near Anchor Bay, 1961

The Air Force sent me to Indiana University for nine months of intensive Russian training, and Marilynn and began our adult lives immediately with pregnancy. While I trained in radio intercept in Texas, Bruce was born in Vallejo. Then we went to Maryland, where I trained at the National Security Agency and Marilynn made a close friendship with our neighbors, Hungarian Uprising refugees Helmut and Julia Kolveg.

Then I was off to Karamursel Air Station in Turkey, and Marilynn and Bruce went back to Vallejo, where Marilynn soon was working for AT&T as a keypunch operator. She worked there six months, long enough to save enough money to pay for airline tickets to join me in Turkey. Marilynn really enjoyed living in Turkey. My pay as an Airman Second Class (E-3), while very low by American standard, when added to Marilynn’s earnings at our Yalova Cultural Center day care service enabled us to live a life of comparative luxury neither of us had experienced before.

When we came back stateside, to Mather Air Force Base near Sacramento, Marilynn worked again as a keypunch operator for AT&T, right on up until we had our second son, Scott. Soon after Scott arrived, we packed up again, this time to the University of Arizona at Tucson. I went to classes mornings and early afternoons, then Marilynn left me to study and look after our sons while she keypunched on the swing shift for Hughes Aircraft Company.
Our backyard in Tucson, 1988

Almost two years later I went to Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas for Officers’ Training School, and Marilynn stayed with the boys at her parents’ home in Vallejo. She and the boys joined me again in Texas, saw me commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant, then we raced across country to East Lansing, Michigan, where I entered the Michigan State University MBA program and Marilynn gave birth to Jeffrey, our third son and final child.

After graduation in December, 1969, we packed and went to our favorite assignment, Royal Air Force Station Bentwaters, England. I had a great job there as the Base Budget Officer, and Marilynn was very active in the Officers Wives Club and in the Red Cross, working with a military optometrist screening students in the two base elementary schools for eye problems.

After five wonderful years I went to a Headquarters job at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, and Marilynn continued Officers Wives Club activities and started bowling in their league. Four years later, we prepared to go to my next assignment, one that Marilynn arranged through her friendship with my commander’s wife, Janey - Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii. Marilynn had chatted with Janey about Jeffrey’s asthma problems in Illinois, and they both agreed that Hawaii would be a healthy place for him, and that Janey’s husband should send me there to replace a senior officer he was bringing back for a headquarters job. Everything about the move was going smoothly, until only a month before we were to move Marilynn came into my office crying, and on the point of collapsing from fear. She had detected a lump in her right breast, and a biopsy determined it was breast cancer.

Her breast was removed immediately, and she arrived in Hawaii with a twelve inch gash across her chest and began radiation therapy every weekday for a month. After that we moved into base housing on Hickam AFB, and soon she was going through a six-month program of chemotherapy at Tripler Army Hospital. Her life in Hawaii was very enjoyable after the first year which were so filled with treatments. She had her remaining breast removed as a precautionary measure, and the cancer didn’t spread again until the Air Force gave me a Compassionate Reassignment to Travis Air Force Base, where we could live near to Marilynn’s parents in Vallejo.

Marilynn went through chemotherapy again, but the cancer was only held in check for two more years before it began to spread once more, appearing in her bones at several places, and then in her liver. After almost ten years of living a fairly active and enjoyable life, even with the breast cancer, Marilynn went downhill rapidly just before our twenty-fifth anniversary in November, 1983, and died in January, 1988.

Charles Cabassi - Class of 1956

Attended California State University San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly) from 1956-1961 and graduated with a B.S. in Agricultural Engineering. I became involved with E.C. Loomis and Son Insurance Associates and was licensed as an agent-broker in Property and Casualty Insurance. I later purchased the business with a partner and have been in business for fifty years.

I am the father of four kids, Carol, Joe, Shelly, and Mike. There are four grandkids and one great-grandkid.

I spent many years in the usual community and youth organizations: Babe Ruth Baseball, Campfire, Boy Scouts, Sheriff’s Advisory Council, County School Board School District Reorganization, San Luis Obispo County Insurance Agents Association, Cuesta College Foundation, Cuesta College and Cal Poly Athletic Boosters, Five Cities Men’s Club. Also, I was the recipient of the Ken Talley Youth Services Award, Distinguished Service Award Five Cities J.C.S., Lion of the Year, and Private Business of the Year-E.O.C.

I still find time to enjoy sports and outdoor activities including, ocean fishing, crabbing, fly fishing, hunting, and barbecuing.

My roots still run deep in the North Coast. I have been returning on a regular basis all these years. I figure 300,000 miles to date. I experience a sense of melancholy as years pass and realize there are less folks left. Glad to hear about the reunion, let me thank you now for all your work.

Juanita Martinez - Class of 1954

Thank you for the invitation to the class reunion. I'm so sorry that I will not be able to attend as my husband is not in good health. I really enjoyed reading the fun you had fishing. I too use to go to Alder Creek and we did move a lot, as my father was a farmer and he farmed English peas in Manchester, California. Manchester is where my brother and I started first grade. We moved and we went to Elk, California. I was the oldest of 10 children...

But eventually we moved back and I did graduate from Point Arena High School in 1954. You did mention the old High School that you all moved into. I don't remember the old High School. I live on the Fitch ranch off Crispin Lane. Then we lived in a house on the road that went to the light house. My Father had donated some money to the school. They dedicated the Annual to him either in 1942 or 1943. I had asked someone if they could find it and make me a copy of the write up on him they said that they would but never heard from them. I don't know where they stored the Annual.

I really loved Point Arena. My good friends are Dorothy and Gary Craig. I talk to Dorothy every once in a great while. When I graduated I went to San Francisco and I was going to become a dental nurse so I got a job and met some friends and was having some fun in my life as I always had to take care of my little brothers and sisters and cook, and had other chores to do also. It was tough getting my home work done when I was in School. But I made it. I should have gone to college. Ha-ha.Well Mike I don't want to bore you with my life history...(You're not, Juanita. I'd like to hear more, and wish you could make our reunion - Mike)

But to make a long story short I married and move to Texas as I thought there were Cowboys here but they were in west Texas - boy was I wrong, ha-ha. I did have 3 wonderful children, two girls and a son in between them. I did go to work and I worked a few places, then I went to work for Collins Radio Electronics. Worked 8 years, then four years later I went to work for Texas instrument. I worked for TI for 191/2 years and then they offered a retirement package and locked our medical in for life. Gave us all our money in our 401K and stock. So it was a big decision to make to make. I was 56 then so then I went to work for a couple of other companies. At one of the companies I worked for several of us decided to start running in the 5k and I won 17 times in my age group. We did have a lot of fun. Well I guess I better sign off for now. Hope the class reunion goes well .Sorry we have to miss. Have a great week. Keep in touch Mike.


Juanita and Don Freiley

Saturday, August 21, 2010

John Stibi - Class 0f 1964

Graduated from Point Arena High School in 1964. Went to Santa Rosa JC. Married my wife Cathy in 1968. Went into the Air Force, spent 1 year in Thailand. Came home. Had two children (boys). Started my own Glass business in Santa Rosa in 1984. We decided to move to Fortuna CA. Bought 20 acres of Redwoods and started another Glass Company in Fortuna in 2007, with a partner. I am now getting ready to retire and put out the Gone Fishing sign.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Peggy (Remstedt) Sundstrom - Class of 1953

I am fortunate to have lived here all my life. I was born in Elk, CA. Moved to Gualala in 1960.

I have six children and three step-children. All but two of them live here also.

I worked at various "careers" from grocery clerk, secretary at the lumber mill, real estate, and partner in The Cotton Fields, women's apparel store, with my daughters.

Most fun for me was attending all nine children's school activities. They all attended and graduated from Point Arena High. Now the grandchildren are continuing to entertain me.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Anna Marie (Miller) Robbins - Class of 1959

Wow! How do you compress 51 years into a ’short note’! Well guess I can try! I am Anna Marie Miller Robbins. I now live in Spokane, Washington.

I was married between my sophomore and junior year to Chuck Robbins of Charles B. Robbins & sons. The fellows owned and operated a sawmill. I attended Point arena high thru my junior year. When I signed up for my senior year I found that I was expecting our first child! Sheryl was born in March. I attended my class graduation with Sherri in my arms and was very proud but hurt so because it was our plan for me to be in that class. Mr. Jim Russell, principal of the grade school and a dear friend and teacher for many years gave me a hug and said that I had the ‘best’ diploma I could have in my arms!

I worked at the Anchor Bay store for a bit and then found that I was expecting again! A beautiful red-headed boy was born in August. Charlie(I call him Robbie). I was very busy being a wife and mother.

The sawmill business was dwindling down so the guys decided to move on... In 1963 we moved to Troy , Mt for a short time then to White Pine, Mt. Then an address change to Trout Creek soon after. We lived there for over 40 years. We had a grade B. dairy for 3 years or so as well as 30-50 head of beef cattle. We grew nearly all we needed. Chickens, pigs, ducks, geese, you name it we grew it! And butchered it as well I might add! In 1965 we were surprised with another little girl! We called her Rebecca of Robbins Roost Ranch. She was a blessing in disguise as I was unsure if I wanted to continue being a farmer/ranchers wife! Heck! I was the farmer as well as he was!.. Anyway we continued on and raised all our family there. All our kids attended the same school for 12 years each. We had a good life. A hard life at times. Chuck was a good husband and father. He was a workaholic, as was I so we built a beautiful home together. We camped and fished and hunted (we lived in the heart of elk country so why would any man want to leave?) Our kids were very active in school in music and sports as well. Our football team went to state 3 years in a row so you can imagine that we had some great trips around Montana, IN THE DEAD OF WINTER!.

We were very active in the Grange at all levels. I was a Officer in the Montana State grange for over 13 years, I was youth director as well as Membership Director. I traveled the 7 Western states with National officers all during this time. Mostly traveling winter and spring when life was not so busy. I was also kept busy with my church activities.

After attending a class reunion in Point Arena, I cannot remember the exact year; It may have been ‘74/’75. I had a wonderful visit with everyone, most of all Leonard McMillen. After we talked he helped me realize that I really did like my way of life in Montana. I returned to Montana inspired and decided it was time I fulfilled MY DREAM to get a diploma! I pushed and tugged until I got Thompson Falls High school to start an Adult Education class (several of us had attended such a class in Pt. Arena. But were not given our credits as they closed the class just before the class was to end due to Air Force guys being transferred. I did my Junior year there) I made them aware of this as I was not going through this again! Long story short I and one other were the first adult grads at this school! I graduated in 1976! My daughter in 1977, my son in 1978, the Rebecca in 1983. Praise the Lord I felt fulfilled! My ‘Other Mother’ Betty Solbeck Iverson drove up from Santa Rosa to attend.. I was so honored by this!

I know I need to end this soon. You must be getting very tired by now! Life went on and got much easier. My husband had always dreamed of being a farmer. He too realized his dreams… He worked at a big sawmill as head millwright for 26 years, retiring in 1992 All this time we ran the ranch and he had his welding shop at the ranch. As I said he was a workaholic! A year and one half after he retired he was killed in a horrific accident when the tractor rolled and landed on top of him. The day before Thanksgiving!

Needless to say life changed very, very fast. I had no idea what to do with the rest of my life. My whole goal in life had been to be a wife and mother and now what? We were married 38 years. My 3 kids had their lives to live and none of them were close to me. I stayed on the ranch for 8 years. I kept the cattle for 3 years and realized it was too much for me. I had always liked Spokane. My brother, John and his family live there. My mom as well. So... I moved here.

I live across the street from my 89 year old mom and am able to help her stay in her own home for a bit longer. Sherri lives in Oregon . Rebecca, Plano, Tx, Rob lives 20 miles away. I have 9 grandkids (3 foster grandkids as well) and 4 great grandkids. I have had 8 family members in Iraq at one time. Believe you me I am a praying woman!

I am active in the senior citizens group here. Very active with my church family. I can assure that without my strong faith I would not be writing this letter. I have no idea how people that do not have the Lord in their life make it at times like these.

I am planning on coming to this reunion and am so excited to meet everyone again! I have renewed a friendship with Matt Piper after 40 years. We have been talking for about 6 years now! I saw Joan Iverson Robinson in New Hampshire years back. Visited with Barbara Craig Tanis, Barbara Duncan Opperman. Rodney Ferguson. Others I can’t remember now...I really hope to see many old faces. Old? Guess I should use a different word,.Hummm! Oh Stan...Don”t worry...I can never forget you...My other brother!

Stan Solbeck - Class of 1960

My family moved to Gualala in 1950. My dad and his partner built a mill about a mile north of Gualala and were in the lumber business for several years. During my high school years, I worked summers in a couple of the local mills. My mother maintained a residence in Gualala until 1974. After graduating from Point Arena High School, I attended Cal Poly and obtained a BS degree in Mathematics. I kept up my interest in music as a member of the men’s glee club for two years. After graduating from Cal Poly in 1964, I went to Colorado University on a teaching assistantship working in the computer lab. While at CU I was a member of the water polo team. I spent a year at CU before entering the job market. I took a job at Vandenberg Air Force Base doing computer work related to long-range missile tracking. A year later, I left and went to work at Lawrence Livermore National Lab. During my career at the Lab, I worked as systems software programmer. I semi-retired in 2002 but still work at the Lab two days a week.

I met my wife Angie at the Lab; we were married in 1969. We have two children. Our daughter is 40. She was married two years ago and has identical twins that are a year old. She is married to a doctor and works part-time out of her home. Our son is 38 and has been married five years. He and his wife have a daughter one and a half years old. He works in the computer field as a system administrator. We waited a long time for grandchildren but were blessed with three last year.

Angie and I maintain a residence in Livermore Ca. She volunteers at the Livermore Park and Recreation District doing secretarial work. We are both active. I play racquetball several times a week and we both walk a couple of times a week. Angie spends her spare time gardening and works on projects at home. We travel occasionally but really are more home bodies rather than travelers.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Joan (Iversen) Robinson - Class of 1958

After graduation, I attended Humboldt State along with Carolyn York, Tamara Cossi and Gene Bowman, all of the class of 1958.

I majored in Music Education and graduated with a teaching credential in 1962. I took my first teaching job as a Music Supervisor for South Bay Schools in Eureka. I married George (Bill) Robinson that fall. I taught music 2 years, 4th grade one year in Point Arena while my husband studied abroad, and worked as the Assistant Registrar at Mills College in Oakland for two years while George completed graduate school in Hospital Administration at UC Berkely. His residency took us to Seattle, where we adopted our daughter. We moved to the Portland area when George took his first job with Kaiser Hospital and our son was born there .

Other than a brief return to the bay area, we have lived most of our married life here in the greater Portland area. I taught private music lessons while our family was young and then returned to work as a college registrar when our children were off at college. We are currently retired and will be celebrating our 50th anniversary in two years. Our daughter Julie lives nearby, works as an EMT in a hospital trauma center and is returning to school to get her nursing degree. She has given us two wonderful grandchildren, Emma 11 and Jaden 6 whom we unabashedly dote on. Our son David is a Movie Special Effects Producer and lives in Santa Monica.

I still enjoy music, love to garden and exercise, we attend the Symphony and the Theater, do some volunteering, collect first edition books and like to cook for friends. We are happy to have the oportunity to travel in retirement. I have stayed close to my best childhood friend, Carolyn York, and we have been able to share trips to Europe with she and her husband. My current goals are to stay healthy, read lots of books and complete our family genealogy, which I've been working on.

Donald Ellingson - Class of 1961

After graduation from P.A.U.H.S. in 1961 I went to Fresno State College on an agricultural scholarship. I worked in their dairy and made all the butter and ice cream that was used on campus. This included a batch of red,white and blue ice cream for a 4th of July visit by govenor Pat Brown. I quit school after 1 year ,when it became clear that this life style was not for me, and returned to Elk.

I worked for my dad in the woods for a year and then decided that also was not a lifetime career choice. In 1963 I enrolled at Santa Rosa Junior College in the law enforcement program. In 1964 , while at the J.C. , I met Yvonnette Weeks and we were married in Aug.1966.

I joined the Oakland Police Dept. in Oct. 1966 . In Jan. 1967 I was drafted and spent 2 years in the Army.

Most of that time was spent in Washington D.C. in the Old Guard. My main job was to go to Andrews Air Base and pick up heads of state and their familys and deliver them to Blair House ( presidential guest house )

After the army I returned to O.P.D. where I retired in 1991.

My wife and I have 2 children , Tracy works for the State of California and on July 30,2010 had our first grandchild ( Blake Austin ). Kimberly is a chiropractor. Both live in the Sacramento area.

We live in Del Webb Sun City in Lincoln , Calif. about a mile from Gene and Judy Price ( P.A.U.H.S. class of 197 ) We enjoy traveling and cruising. Life is good.

Joan (Warner) Farley - Class of 1960

Chip and I will not be able to attend the class reunion due to a prior commitment, but here is a brief biography.

Joan Warner Farley lives with her husband ,Chip, 4 dogs, 3 horses, a cat and a parrot in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I worked for State Farm Insurance in Santa Rosa 1963-1968, then transferred to the Pleasant Hill Office when I moved to Walnut Creek in 1971. I then joined the newly opened office of a Los Angeles based insurance company and worked for them until I retired in 1998. I also ran a horse boarding and training facility in Danville, Ca for 15 years.

After I retired, we moved back to Gualala. I traveled the world with Chip until he retired from Bechtel in 2002.

Unfortunately, the Coastal climate is not arthritis friendly and we moved to Santa Fe in 2007.

I have 2 children and 4 grandchildren, Chip has 3 children and 9 grandchildren.

Gary Beall - Class of 1961

Life is good. I retired more than six years ago from the University of California, Davis where I worked as a public communications specialist for 29 years. My current lifestyle emphasizes the great outdoors--photography, hiking and gardening--and spending time with family and friends. I trained for and completed the Lake Tahoe Marathon last September and am now training for the Maui Marathon that will be held in January.

I am married and have three children, a son and two daughters and two grandchildren.

After PAUHS, I attended Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, majoring in electronics engineering because our principal/counselor Bill Barber thought I would be good at it. However, it wasn’t for me, so I transferred into journalism, a much better fit. (I should have listened to Ed Garrett, who used to tell me I was a good writer.)

After Cal Poly, I had stints doing public information work for the San Joaquin County Office of Education in Stockton and the California State Department of Education in Sacramento. (The Army didn’t want me during the Vietnam buildup, thanks to torn cartilage in my knee from attempting to tackle Jason Franci during football practice in our senior year.) Then it was on to graduate school at the University of Oregon, where I received a master’s degree in journalism, with an emphasis in public relations.

My first job out of grad school was as editor of an Agricultural research magazine at Oregon State University in Corvallis, not a bad gig, but the rain and gloomy Willamette Valley weather made me yearn for the California sun. Luckily, I was accepted for an agricultural information job at the University of California, Davis, and worked there in various capacities until retirement.

I now live in Avila Beach but also spend time in Gualala and Winters. I regret not being able to attend the reunion but would like to hear from classmates and can be reached by email: Enjoy the evening and thanks, Mike, for your efforts to get us “oldtimers” together.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ed, Class of 1951, And Alice (Parks) Garrett, Class of 1960

Alice, 1960 graduation photo

Ed, 1960 faculty photo from our Foghorn Annual

Ed is a 1951 graduate of Point Arena High School and went to Cal Poly and San Francisco State where he graduated in 1955. After two years in the Army he got his teaching credential. He taught and coached at Point Arena from 1959 to 1965.

Alice graduated from Point Arena High School in 1960 and the Monday after graduation went to work at the Bank of America in Point Arena. We started dating and married in 1961. We had two daughters in Point Arena. Ed changed teaching jobs and we moved to King City in 1965, where he taught and coached. Our third daughter was born in King City. Alice worked as a bookkeeper and was active in Junior Women’s Club and her art.

In 1992 we both retired and moved to the Parks Ranch on Miller Ridge (Stewarts Point) where we built our home. After our parents passed Alice took over the sheep business and with her many hobbies is very busy. Ed is busy keeping the roads open, collecting and reading books, and writing his “Fading Memories.”

We are looking forward to our 50th anniversary next year. We have three wonderful daughters and sons-in-law, seven grandchildren, and one great-grandson, which we enjoy. Two of our daughters followed their Dad and are teachers and the oldest is a tax assessor.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Carolyn Biles (York) - Class of 1958

I was born in 1940 in Healdsburg, California, to Doris (Gillmore) and Taylor York. Brother Chuck followed the next year, and brother Jim in 1949. Our family lived in Healdsburg until 1944, then moved to Point Arena to be near my grandparents while Dad spent two years in the army. When he returned we moved back to Healdsburg and I started first grade. The following year we moved to Dry Creek Valley just outside of Healdsburg where Chuck and I attended Manzanita School, a small country school with all eight grades in one room with one teacher. In 1951 we moved back to Point Arena where we attended elementary and high schools.

After graduating from PAUHS in 1958, I attended Humboldt State College in Arcata and received a bachelor of science degree with a major in nursing. In 1962 Bob Lopez and I were married. We lived in Eureka for a year while he received his teaching credential, then moved to Pittsburg, California. I worked at the local hospital until daughter Elise came along. When she was two years old we moved back to Eureka where Bob taught art in the local high school and I worked part time at one of the local hospitals. Daughter Michelle came along in 1967, and daughter Diana in 1969. Life changed for me in 1976 when I became a single parent and took training to work as an intensive care nurse at General Hospital in Eureka. The girls grew into young women – Elise became a college student, Diana became a working girl and Michelle became a wife. In 1988 I married Charlie Biles and life changed again. We bought a new house and began to learn about gardening (we are still learning) and being a married team once again. Bob lives in Eureka with his wife, Janet, and is retired. We are good friends and share family and grandchildren.

A big change for us has been becoming grandparents, which is such a joy! Diana and husband Derrick have two children – Taylor, sixteen years old (boy) and Devin, almost thirteen (girl). They live in Eureka and we see them often. Elise and husband Ted live in Redding, and have two children – Teddy, six years old, and Annalise two years old. We see them often also, since the drive is only 3 hours from Eureka to Redding. We have a grandson, Nigel, who lives in southern California. His father is Charlie’s son. We don’t see him as often as he is so many miles away. Daughter Michelle passed away in 2002 after a long illness and I chose not to return to work after her death. Charlie retired in 2005. He was a mathematics professor at Humboldt State University.

Since retiring I have become an active quilter. Charlie is studying American history. We have done some traveling, including three trips to Europe and one to Costa Rica and Guatemala. This fall we will journey by car to the east to visit historical sites. We will meet brother Chuck and his wife, Mickie, in Williamsburg and explore together. Life is good!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jack O'Connor - Class of 1952

After high school, I attended Napa Jr. College, played football, and earned an AA degree. I returned to Manchester and worked at the BOJOCK lumber company for 14 years, married, and had for children. Expanding my education was a priority, so I attended Sonoma State University, received a B. S. degree with a major in P. E. and a minor in biology, and a secondary teaching credential. Petaluma High School was my teaching and coaching base for over 30 years. I taught science for 26 years and coached wrestling for 4 years. Coaching duties in football and baseball lasted for over 30 years. I'm presently retired, live in Petaluma, married to Ellie, and enjoy fishing and hunting.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gary Cooper - Class of 1960

Wow, can you believe it’s been 50 years!

Betty and I are enjoying retirement in Beaverton, Oregon and recently celebrated our 46th anniversary. I retired in 1998 after 34 years with the U.S. Forest Service. Our two daughters, son-in laws and six grandchildren live in Tigard, OR, only about 10 miles from us. It is a real blessing to have them so close.

We keep busy with our grandchildren(our oldest is 6), gardening, traveling, hunting, fishing, crabbing, sewing (Betty), church, reading, wood cutting (We still heat with wood), and all of our miscellaneous hobbies. We recently enjoyed a trip to Israel and have a trip scheduled in September to Rome and northern Italy (sorry to miss the reunion).

After graduating from PAUHS in 1960, I worked the summer of ’60 on my uncle’s rice farm in Maxwell, CA, where I decided that I did not want to be a farmer! In the fall, I enrolled at Humboldt State College along with Mike Combs and Gary Phelps. I worked the summer of ’61 as a firefighter with the California Div. of Forestry at Clearlake and the summers of ’62-‘64 with the Forest Service. While at Humboldt, I met the girl of my dreams, Betty Covington from Trinity County. We were married in 1964. I graduated with a BS in Forest Management and accepted a forester/silviculturist position with the U.S. Forest Service at Coffee Creek Ranger District (RD) on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest (NF).

In 1967, I was promoted to District Lands Officer on the Big Bear RD on the San Bernardino NF. I was responsible for land adjustments, land use, minerals and resource management. Some highlights at Big Bear were administering movie and TV use permits and overseeing a landmark Supreme Court decision involving a minerals case. Betty worked at the Big Bear Lake Sears Catalog store.

In 1971, I accepted the Land Exchange Officer position on the Tahoe NF at Nevada City, CA (we lived at Grass Valley). In addition to completing land exchanges, I became certified as a paraprofessional archaeologist and a qualified land and timber appraiser. Betty worked at the Grass Valley Credit Bureau until 1973 when our first daughter (Kelley) was born. She then worked even harder as a stay-at-home mom!

We moved to South Lake Tahoe in 1976 where I became the Forest Lands Staff Officer on the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit with primary responsibility for a multi-million dollar land acquisition program. Some major acquisitions included Zephyr Cove Resort, Jennings’ Casino Site, Whittell Estate, Fibreboard and Harrah’s Beach Front. Our youngest daughter Megan was born at Lake Tahoe. While at Tahoe, I realized that something was missing in my life. I began attending church and became a born again Christian by accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. What a change in my life!

As with all Forest Service employees, there are “other duties as assigned” with a primary one being fire fighting. I have fought fires throughout the west, beginning as a “grunt” firefighter and then in other positions as crew boss, sector boss, intelligence officer, maps and records officer and plans chief.

In 1980, I accepted a position as Group Leader-Land Adjustments for the Pacific Northwest Region in Portland, OR. On May 18, I was driving our 1968 Cougar (which we still have) from Tahoe to Portland to report for work when I saw an unbelievable sight, the eruption of Mt. St. Helens. What a grand welcome to the Northwest!

In my new job, I immediately became involved in drafting legislation and land acquisition for the new National Volcanic Monument. In managing the land adjustment program for Oregon and Washington, I was responsible for land purchases, donations, exchanges and land status. I assisted Congressional staff in drafting legislation for nationally designated areas including Columbia Gorge, Mt. St. Helens, Hell’s Canyon, Wild and Scenic Rivers and Wildernesses. I also served on the Regional Planning Team, National Forest Service/Bureau of Land Management Interagency Team, and was unit leader on the National Lands Training Cadre. Other duties as assigned were several detail assignments to Washington DC.

When our daughters left the nest, Betty worked in interior decorating, Census Bureau, Post Office, and managed a booth at an antique mall on the Oregon coast. She has been active with the Machine Embroiderers of Oregon and Washington (MEOW) serving as area director and president.

Since retirement in 1998, we have been busier then when I worked full time!! But we are enjoying every minute! In 2004, my left hip finally gave out from a childhood disease and I had a titanium hip replacement, but it hasn’t slowed me down. Have a great reunion and sorry to miss lt.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Gene Price, Class of 1957

After graduating from Point Arena High in 1957, I went 2 years to San Francisco City College, then on to Denver University where I graduated in business administration & then went into the Navy.

While stationed in San Diego, I met & married Judy my wife of now 44 years. We moved to Point Arena after getting out of the Navy & spent 13 years operating the restaurant at the Point Arena Hotel.

We then moved to Lake Oroville where for 24 years I owned & operated a landscaping business & Judy was a Speech Therapist.

We have 2 sons, Jeff & Darren & 4 grandsons, Jayson 17, Kyle 12, Max 9 & Asher 6.

We have been retired for 7 years & are living the good life in Sun City Lincoln Hills Californiia, where we are very active in sports, travelling, cruising with friends & enjoying our children & grandchildren who live close by. Life is good!