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Lawrence Girelli, Class of 1954

Hedden/Girelli Biography

I will use "we" rather than "I" to include my twin brother, Leonard.

1937 - Born in San Francisco to Silvio and Elvera Girelli

1946 - Mother re-married to Bud Hedden and we re-located to Point Arena. We were known as, and went by the name of Hedden. We lived across the street from Judge Mongevon’s home - "just a stone's throw away" from PA elementary school which was the Old city courthouse.

1950 - We attended Point Arena High School and lived next door in the house that was later used as the school's Administration Building.

1954 - Graduated from PAHS the year our school had it's first undefeated football team!

1955 - Attended Napa Junior College. Roommate and teammate of Dick Vermeil and participated in my last sport event at Napa. (See news Clip).

1956 - Volunteered for the draft. Married Sharon Ohleyer and had two wonderful daughters - Elaine who lives in Fort Bragg and Teresa who lives in Ukiah. Attended Army Security Agency School in Massachusetts and received a "top secret/crypto clearance." Stationed in Kenai, Alaska. Honorably discharged in October 1959.

1959-1960 - Worked at Bojock Lumber Mill to obtain funds to return to college.

1961 - Attended Santa Rose Junior College, took pre-med and received AA degree. Met my future second wife, Zoe.

1962-1964 - Attended San Francisco State University and the University of San Francisco obtained B. A. and B. S. degrees.

1964 - Married Zoe - its been 45 years and counting.

1964 - 1968 Leonard attended Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington. Obtained a B. S. Degree in Geology. He later worked In the San Francisco Bay Area as a "Super Cargo" in charge of the loading and unloading of cargo ships. Leonard passed away in May 2003.

1965 - I attended the California College of Podiatric Medicine in San Francisco and received my Doctor's Degree and finished my Training in 1970.

1970 - 2005 - Started practice in Sacramento, CA. Received surgical staff privileges at Mercy/Methodist Hospital and served as Vice Chief and Chief of Surgery. Post Graduate achievements Included - Diplomate National Board of Podiatric Examiners, Fellow American College of Food and Ankle Surgeons, Diplomate American Board of Podiatric Surgery.

Retired and currently serve on the Board of Directors Alumni Association of the Medical school I attended in San Francisco.

Moved to and reside in Colorado Springs, CO and spend most of my time Fly Fishing and playing golf.

(The caption below under "DEDICATION" reads:)

We, the Foghorn Staff of 1954, respectively dedicate this edition of the Foghorn to our first championship football team. This being our fourth year of football participation, was truly a great year, and we salute a great team. While teams of the past have demonstated good sportsmanship, team spirit, and the traditional Blue and Gold fight, the 1953 team was the first undefeated six. May the memories of their hard blocking, charging, tackling, passing and running be remembered and also inspirational to future teams.

(Players, left to right: first row, Frank Moyles, Larry Herrick, Lawrence Girelli, Ted Griffith, Leonard Girelli, Dennis Craig; second row, Vernon Caughey, Jim Pierce, Gary Remstedt, Tom Piver, Henry Beebe, unknown, unknown; third row, Coach Ken Snow, unknown, unknown, Joe Smith, unknown, Tom "Pickle" Pike, unknown, Charles Cabassi

(Please help identify the "unkowns" - email me at

Leonard and Lawrence, San Francisco, 1939

Leonard and Lawrence, Gualala River, 1946 or 1947

A recent photo of the Hedden home on Lake Street, where the family lived 1950-1955

Hedden/Girelli twins, Leonard and Lawrence, 1952

Leonard and Lawrence, 1996

Zoe and Lawrence, sometime in the 1980's

Lawrence, Catch and release, fly fishing high in the Rockies, 2009

"In my office before retiring"
Lawrence, Sacramento, 2004

Lawrence and Zoe on a golf outing in Nevada, 2008

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