Sunday, June 6, 2010

Gordon Crispin, Class of 1958

Gordon Crispin Bio

The reunion in 1999 in Point Arena was fantastic! I saw folks I hadn't seen since 1958 including you and I got invited to breakfast too. Now I'm sure that was because of Uncle Joe and Dorothy, but it was good and I enjoyed seeing you again too.

Unfortunately, Deanna and I will not be able to make this one: health problems.

Next time you speak to Sam Oglesby, tell him Hi for me. Last time I saw him was at Plieku, Viet Nam in 68 or 69. This young Lt. came by to say hello. I never forgot that. He was a good guy in school too even if his dad was the principal.

A short Bio is just that—short. I spent 29 years, 3 months in the Air Force, 1 July 1958 - 30 Sept 88.

I worked at the Air Force Academy for a year, Las Vegas, Nevada for six months, and then it was on to Alaska for eight years working mostly for ITT as a government contract supervisor.

I retired in 1997 and moved to northern Idaho. Oh yes, I also found my bride Deanna in Alaska.

In October 99 I went back to Alaska to assist another corporation "bed down" at the same radar site I was at before returning in April 2000 for total retirement.

I love it; we love it and really want for nothing. We have 6/1/4 acres in the woods to putz (sometimes work) at. We live in a double wide that is very comfortable for us. Nothing fancy, but compared to what I lived in as a kid, it's a castle!

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