Thursday, August 20, 2015

Reunion Attendees List

Here's the latest - a total of about 100, but still changing slightly.

Beall, Gary
Biles, Carolyn and Charley
Brodjeski, Marvin
Buchanan, Betty (Cook)
Buti, Jana and Philip (wareham)
Ciolina, Mary Lou
Combs, Michael and Alice

Griffith, Hazel
Cooper, Sharron
Craig, Dennis and Sue
Craig, Gary and Dorothy
Earley, Robert and Barbara
Eastwood, Carol
Farnsworth, Claire
Ferguson, Rodmey and Judy
Franci, Cindy
Garrett, Ed and Alice

Girelli, Lawrence
Harris, Candy and Richard

Husman, Bob
Kerr, Patrick
Kilgore, Judith (Parnett)

Mason, Walter and Audrey

Nelson. Leighton and Alice
Nissen, Gary and Jeri
Oglesby, Sam
Ohleyer, Gary and Marie

Olsen, Clarice and Randi
Philps, Steven and Sandra (Disotelle)

Robbins, Donna (Richardson) & Dolores Williams
Robinson, Janet
Robinson, Joan and George
Scaramella, Richard and Cathy
Schuler, David and Lissa
Seymour, Roger and Judy
Simpson, Brenda, Deana & Heather
Sohn, Hilda and Tony
Solbeck, Stan and Angela
Sorensen, Gene
Sorensen (Bryan), Linda
Sorensen, Rita
Stiles, Martha
Stornetta, Walt and Donna
Tanis, Barbara

Thompson, Tharon (Bishop)
Walker, Tom and Leslie
Williams, Bernice and Paul
Wymer, Debbie
York, Chuck and Mickie

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