Sunday, March 1, 2015

Inns and Motels in the Gualala Area


The Gualala Hotel is open again!

Gualala Country Inn Very nice and only about a half-mille from our reunion.

Breakers Inn A very short drive to our reunion

Surf Motel Downtown Gualala, just a short drive

Sea Cliff Uptown Gualala, still only a short drive to our reunion

St Orres Only the best inn and restaurant on the coast, about two miles north of Gualala on Highway 1 (The King of Jordan dropped in on his Harley for lunch last year!)

Whale Watch Inn Five miles north of Gualala, just past Anchor Bay overlooking the beach.

Mar Vista Cottages A coast classic, five miles north of Gualala, just past Anchor Bay

North Coast Country Inn Five miles north of Gualala just past Anchor Bay, at the corner of Highway 1 and Fish Rock Road

Coast Guard House Inn At Arena Cove

Wharfmasters Inn At Arena Cove

Point Arena Lighthouse About 16 miles north, but well worth the drive!

VACATION HOMES (Very roomy and inexpensive for families and sharing with friends – Gualala and The Sea Ranch)

Serenisea Properties are primarily in the Gualala/Anchor Bay area

Coasting Home Gualala and The Sea Ranch

Vacation Rentals by Owner Great locations and prices

Sea Ranch Rentals Needs no explanation

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