Monday, September 20, 2010

Trivia Quiz

Who was a majorette in 1950? Joey Combs

Played in the band? Vern McNamee, Joan Tock, Ginger Tock, Sharon Ohleyer, Peggy


Music teacher – Fran Nix

When was the first undefeated football team? 1954

Who played on it? Larry Girelli, Dennis Craig


Principal - Walf Oglesby

Girls’ PE – Joan Blach

Typing – Ethel Hood

Coach – Ken Snow

English – Bill Sapsis

Band – Glenn Cochran

Science – Walt Weymouth

Ag – Billy Woodward

Custodian – Walt Smith

Cooks – Bertha Flint and Flora Hendrickson

1957 Music – John Allen

1958 Science – Milton Nitch

Math – Simon Ashiku

Home Economics – Margarette Biaggi

Bus Drivers – Al Garris, “Holly” Holloway, Reed Farnsworth, Al Phillips

1959 – Science and Math – Richard Long

English – Lucille Ornbaum

Agriculture and Shop – Francis Springer

New bus drivers – Arnold Ormsbee, Wendy May

1960 Principal – Charles Barber

Coach – Leland Stanford III

History – Ed Garret

Music – Wayne Nadeau

Science – Peter Schneeman

1956 Student Body President – Charles Cabassi

1956 Foghorn Staff – Carol Ohleyer, Judy Parnett

Who willed their “ability to get into trouble and stay there to Ruth Petersen, and to Coach one pack of gum” – Carol Ohleyer

Who willed “my athletic ability to Edwin Schuler and my ability to stay out of trouble to Byron Opperman.” – Charles Cabassi

Who willed “my bottom locker to any midget who can get near it” and “my good luck I’ve had to Ruth and Carolyn Yeaman.” – Judy Parnett

Who willed “my long nose to anyone who thinks they can keep it out of Mr. Oglesby’s office” – Carolyn Yeaman

Who willed “my ability to wear a pixie hair-do to Barbara Duncan, and the wart on my leg to Shirley Reynolds for the end of her nose” – Cheryl Acquistapace

Who willed “my ability to get along with Mr. Snow to Jan Johnson” – Barbara Craig

Who willed “my extremely high grades to Bruno Fistolera” – Walter Mason

Who willed “my ability to play basketball to Bob Titus” – Gene Price

“my place as majorette to Lynda Scaramella” – Betty Cook

“my chewed off fingernails to Kathne Carr” – Jerry Ledford

“my losing arguments with Coach to anyone who won’t take them serious and my position of first chair trumpet to Dennis Ferguson” – Joan Iversen

“my ability to talk too much to all of next year’s Civics Class and my ability to eat to anyone who needs it” – Janet Black

“my temper to Mr. Oglesby, to put with his” – Marcella Carver

“my ability to convince teachers that I am passing my classes to Tony Choate” – Gary Nissen

“my job on the annual staff to anyone with a lot of ambition, and my hard-to-blow clarinet to Alice Parks” – Carolyn York

“my job at Biaggi’s to Larry Norman” – Jim Walker

“my flyboys to Arlene Baker, and my good grades to Carol Potter…” – Pat Ciolina

“my ability, if any, to any athlete who might be in need of it” – Matt Piper

“will graduate – I hope! – Chuck York

“my football jersey, number 65, to anyone who will wash it” – Dennis Osland

“my ability to get along with all my teachers to Gary Swift” – Alice Parks

“all the hair on my chest to Ernie Ford to put on his chin. To Marilynn I leave a ring, the ring from my Roi-Tan cigar” – me

“my big ears to Mr. Garrett to put on his little pointed head” – Jeff Nelson

“the fuzz on my chin to anyone with hair on their chest” – Jim Spurgeon

“will “Mr. Gilbreath” to anyone who thinks he can learn the part” – Stan Solbeck

Two of the 1957 Cheerleaders are here – Jerry Ledford, Carolyn Yeaman

Who is missing? Ruth Petersen

Walter Mason’s nickname – Dale

Cheryl Acquistapace’s nickname – Flame

Carolyn Yeaman’s nickname – Speedy

Gene Price’s nickname – Gene

Barbara Craig’s nickname – Babs

Carolyn York’s nickname – Porky

Gary Nissen’s nickname – Gravy

Betty Cook’s nickname – Curly

Joan Iverson – Dimples

Jerry Ledford – Leadbellie

Paul Key – Keysters

Barbara Duncan – Dunk

Anna Miller – Red Heifer

Mary Lou Ciolina – Pat

One of the four cheerleaders is not here – Sue Acquistapace

Which are here? Cheryl Acquistapace, Carolyn Yeaman, Carol Ohleyer

1962 – Coach – Ed Garrett

English – Raymond Nelson

Math and Science – Victor Kingwell

Math and Science – Kenneth Kurtz

Commercial – Mary Borchers

Band – Leslie Irvin

Home Economics – Carol Slavens

JV Coach – Bob Bada

Industrial Arts – Tom Bennett

Custodian – Harry Turner

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